New car products Increase gas milage




I would like to hear what you PHD guys think of this product. Can this be true. I have sent you the URL of a web site that claims the Big auto makers are not allowing our cars to burn the gas completely. Is this a viable thing to do to my Nissan Frontier 6 cyl?

Look at the 5 to 10 min video.


Yet another link to a scam product.


All these things increase the gas mileage by 15%. You get to sell the extra gas back to the station too.


I hadn’t seen this particular variety of snake oil before. Those scammers sure are getting creative! P.T. Barnum would be proud…

But I don’t have a Ph.D.


I’ll bet that P.T. is looking down and agonizing over not being born a 100+ years later.


totally bogus


They sell them because there will always be someone to buy them. This exact item was a topic about a week ago. If you want to buy for someone a couple state are after, go ahead.


Did you notice that the company’s web site has no address and no phone number? That should be your first indication of their ethics. They don’t want to be harassed by all of the folks who want their money back.

auziman, I can’t help but notice that this is your first post. Are you an employee of UCSA Dealers Group, LLC. or one of its subsidiaries?


Oh no! Not this one again!

With the billions of dollars available to whoever wins the largest market share for any category of vehicle, and with the feds constantly tightening the emissions requirements and heavily penalizing manufacturers that don’t comply with constantly tougher Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) requirements, do you really think big auto makers are intentionally not creating the mileage that the website you referenced claims to have achieved?

The websites claims are beyond amazing. And without scientific explanation. In short, they’re balogna. Pure, kosher balogna.

Now, if you REALLY want the absolute best in gas mileage, visit the Tesla roadster website. THAT is real technology at work.


what does this mean? I doubt the “products” increase the mileage by 1%


With all these entries to these BOGUS products I think it is their way of advertising. They PAY some flunkies to post this on as many Automotive Forums they can and hope they get enough bites. These flunkies are probably paid by the number of posts they do.


Yep, auziman and tonymorton need to find an honest way to make a living.


Perhaps…but I’ve always lived honestly and they’re probably a lot richer than I.

Just kidding folks. I don’t condone dishonesty.


You can either make an honest dollar, or rake in the cash as a car salesman or lawyer :stuck_out_tongue:


When he said there was one born every minute, I think he was also talking about SPAMmers.


If an engine actually failed to burn that much fuel, your catalytic converter would be glowing bright red finishing the burn.


Hmmmm. Guess I’m in the category of “gee, I wonder…” I see from the responses that I was one of the “born every minute”. This is why I value the discussion board so much. I believe my truck is much happier running as is and not in the shop recovering from folly.


As I say to all people who ask questions about these bulls*** products: It’s a f***load of motherf***ing bulls*** that sells well to f***headed idiots. Go here to see the truth, as tested by Popular Mechanics:


And, oh yeah…they are also going to reverse graviy, so things fall UPwards!


The people that sell this stuff are not necessarily crooks. Many of them earnestly believe their own propaganda.