THE FINEST COFFEE MUG IN HISTORY (bring it back, please!)

Greetings from Montana, Tom & Ray ( I know you’re still checking in from time to time… ) -

I present to you a photo of the finest coffee mug in the history of java. It’s witty, it’s delightfully irreverent, and it is the perfect shade of blue. As you’ll see in the attached image, it even matches my Yellowstone Public Radio t-shirt.

I like it so much that I’d like to buy a spare in the event this one has a mishap. The problem is, it’s no longer an available option on the Shameless Commerce section of your website. SO, can you either a) bring it back and make it available to the masses, or b) sell me one from your “private reserve”? I’m willing to barter if necessary, so drop me a line and thanks in advance.

Jeff Baker
Bozeman, Montana (Tom’s favorite state)