Tom's first radio appearance

Does anyone know if there’s a digital copy of Tom’s first radio appearance? Would love to hear it! If it’s part of a collection I’ll gladly buy it!

Good question! I bet @cdaquila‌ either knows or knows someone who does.

I hadn’t said anything yet, but I already e-mailed the brain trust to see if they’ve got it. :wink:

Nice! I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing the aircheck.

Sorry to disappoint: the first radio appearance Tom made was never recorded.

d’oh! What a loss.

@cdaquila … it would be fun to have a chance to listen to some of the earliest Car Talk episodes, even pre-NPR.

The local Boston NPR station might have the tape. Probably in their archives someplace and not in a digital format.

yeah, I would love to hear the old episodes as aired. to be honest I ve stopped listening to the “new” episodes. it just seems odd. if they started airing the show from its beginnings they would have my attention for the next 20 yrs.

besides all my cars are at least 25 yrs old and the shows would be useful and entertaining