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I need a new Car Talk mug

My favorite coffee mug, Unencumbered by the Thought Process, mug has the artwork fading…are there any more in the works that I could purchase?

And of course, I love the program/podcast.


At the top of the home page for CarTalk click on the store button and you will see what they have.


Hey @VOLVO_V70!
I’m Jim from Southington CT and I finally managed to spend some time on this great Car Talk community, and I have to tell you and everyone in this community that I just LOVE CarTalk, Ray and the late great Tommy! It’s still my Saturday morning therapy!! :wink:

Well good luck with that. I broke my yellow and black one about five years ago and no more available. I just switched to a $4 Menards mug.

EBAY has Car Talk mugs (among a lot of other Car Talk stuff). The mugs appear to range in price from around $7 to $50, depending on the version and whether it is new or used. I happened to find one during a neighborhood walk-a-bout one day, in a pile of stuff placed on the curb that one of my neighbors was giving away. Just then a teenager came along and said he wanted it. We need more of the younger folk to be interested in car repair, so I yielded :slight_smile:

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A teenager looking up from their phone long enough to actually see something and make a whole sentence . Will wonders never cease .