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Saturday morning reprieve thanks to Tom and Ray and public radio

With my old car likely to last longer than my body, it can be a struggle not to sink into depths of depression…but no matter how low, the Saturday morning miracle workers are on the air, and there is nothing that lifts the spirits like listening to Tom and Ray and the callers. The best medicine. The show should never be taken off the air. “Grateful” doesn’t begin to describe my thanks.

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I listen to both the morning and afternoon shows when I get a chance. Thanks NPR.

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Spot on.

In my State, the public radio station has moved Car Talk to Sundays only at 2 PM. Life hasn’t been the same since. I needed these guys on Saturday mornings at 10 - prerecorded or not. But the area public radio station won’t budge on this. Imagine - one show - Sundays at 2.

I don’t think its on at all here in Minnesota anymore. They are on Sirius radio and are fun for entertainment on a long drive but otherwise, I dunno, it gets kinda old and the information is pretty dated now.

Still on Saturday morning’s here but on only on the Seattle station, i’ve found a show called The Car Doctor which isn’t nearly as entertaining but otherwise is kind of like if Ray had continued to do the show on his own.

They are no longer on MN Public Radio, but are on WI Public Radio. I hear them on KUWS, Superior, at 11:00 AM on Sundays. Probably many people in MN, IL and MI can hear some of the many WPR stations.

I do miss hearing it on Saturdays, though. It just felt right at 10 or 11 AM Saturday for all those years. I am at the age when I miss lots of things!

I don’t think I can get Wisconsin radio depending on where they transmit from but we’re in church then anyway.

The Show can also be heard at this website, at any time.

Podcast it! You can stream it on your phone any time you want. Hook your phone up to a bluetooth speaker or your car radio and it’ll be just like a regular radio broadcast.


On my flip phone? How would I do that?

My only phones have wires.

You guys probably don’t have a 12-volt outlet in your horseless carriages anyway. :wink:


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Didn’t need a 12 volt outlet. I listened to Sam and Sam on the Yankton, SD station on Saturday mornings 8-10. They aren’t that good and Penz fans but at least they had current callers. I think they are out of somewhere in Georgia.