The Federal Highway Administration

just tilt ur dashcam over n up a lil

Arizona uses this type of sign, and often uses humor to help convey their message. Often, if there is a big concert in town, the safety puns will relate to the performing artists music. That article even mentions the Star Wars puns that got used around the release of Star Wars movies.

I think they are clever, cute, useful, and a good reminder. Those upset over this should get their heads out of their apps and find their sense of humor. :wink:


Jack Kerouac he’s not.

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These (supposedly) humorous highway department signs remind me of the old Burma Shave signs from the 1950s. Maybe this is where the highway department got the idea.


Yeah but you could read those signs at a glance going 65 mph. That’s my beef some of those two page signs are too distracting.

OK, this is not specifically a road sign, but it is a sign on the road… My brother who lives in Juneau, Alaska, sent me this photo…

Obviously, the Airport Authority has a sense of humor… (Bottom Part of Sign…)


lol … “beware of coyote carrying ACME box”, very clever! Coyote’s very common in this area, even seen in downtown San Francisco on occasion according to news reports. I see one or two every week during bike-rides, never had any problems. Just by basic common-sense, I don’t try to approach or feed them, just leave them alone to engage in their coyote wiles. Wild turkeys common here too, same as coyotes, I just peddle by the flock, enjoying the sight. Reports on the news say wild turkeys can be very cranky if approached. Hard to imagine why a person with no wild turkey experience would think it a good idea to try to approach one?

I saw a wild turkey in my backyard the first year we moved into our house (1998). The forest had just been cleared for the houses. I haven’t seen any since then. We back to a state park and i suppose there might be some still in there.

There are supposed to be coyotes here too but I have my doubts. There are a lot of outdoor cats roaming the neighborhood and have for years. If we had coyotes they would have eaten the cats long ago.

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We had three turkeys in the back yard about a month ago then nothing since. The neighbor has a game camera set up and every night he says there are coyotes and other animals about. The last three trips to Menards though there has been one lone Turkey on the side of the road. Seems to be moving north a little instead of south.

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We have a family of wild turkeys that visits our backyard occasionally. I always feed them when they stop by.

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They are all over here. I live on a dirt road and the closest street-light is over a mile away. Have to be real careful driving down my street so I don’t hit one. Woburn MA is having a problem with some aggressive turkeys. Leader they call Kevin.

‘He kind of amps them up’: ‘Kevin’ the ringleader as turkeys terrorize Massachusetts town | Massachusetts | The Guardian

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We have deer, bazillions of them. We see them almost every day and at all times of day. I always use the high beams until I get on the highway so that I can see deer beside the road. They are easy to spot on the road, it’s the ones getting reedy to bolt across that I’m concerned about.

Same here. Coyotes are also a big problem. Bears have knocked down my bird feeders several times this year. And every few years we see Moose in our yard.

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Did someone mention deer? This is in my side yard. Often after dark I have nearly hit or nearly have been hit, just in my own driveway.
P.S. only 4 is a good day.

I think it’s great all you folks get to enjoy Mother Nature’s sights. Thanks for sharing. We who do see wildlife in our neighborhoods from time to time should count our blessings; many citizens of the USA don’t have the same opportunity.

No bears in this area, but seeing a bear is not uncommon – apparently by news reports — in mountains just outside of LA. One bear vdo from that area, owner accidentally left gate open to backyard, & found 3 bears playing in his above-ground swimming pool, splashing around, and taking full advantage of all the pool toys … lol …

I also enjoy seeing Mother Nature’s sights, but I don’t want to see any of them dashing in front of my car while I am driving.


People are killed every year hitting a Moose here in NH. They are very large animals. When your car hits them at high speeds you take out their legs and the 1,400lb animal comes through your windshield. Airbags won’t help you.

I still miss the old Burma Shave signs.

We removed wolves and coyotes so they wouldn’t eat our kids and livestock…

So up north we are up to our necks in deer and moose… no predators except cars…

We feed the bears from our trashcans… because Yogi and Boo Boo are big and won’t take NO for an answer! So with ample food, we have lots of bears…

In Florida, we feed alligators and pythons our little dogs and deer… so we have no deer problem.

Lately we feed the pythons alligators… a 16 foot python was found with a 3 foot alligator inside. Scary when one apex predator gets eaten by another!

And so it goes!

Deer can be very aggressive. In fact, I am more afraid of deer than I am of bears. We have a state park in my state that was overrun by deer. The deer were destroying the foliage. The parks department was going to have hunters selectively thin the deer herds. However there were a lot of objections to shooting the deer. Bambi might be murdered. Another plan was devised and tried. Bears were brought into the park to scare off the deer. That plan didn’t work. The deer overpowered the bears by three touchdowns.