Trucker sending a message


@keith That’s great! I like it!

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I like it. Especially the “Blinky flashy thing”. That one is priceless. :grin:


Very good. Reminds me of that tv movie Duel.

It’s all part of that “golden rule.” Drivers who make their gold by driving for a living (professional drivers), especially the OTR guys, and operate vehicles that outweigh mine by many tons, rule!

I’ve always respected professional drivers and do my best to help them out when they’re changing lanes and generally trying to deal with traffic congestion and “stoopid” car drivers. Many show their appreciation.

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I agree with you but once in a while, I run across that 18 wheeler that should not be driving. I try to keep my distance from them simply because of the physics.

“It does not matter whether the rock hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the rock, it’s not going to be good for the pitcher” Pancho Sanches line in “Man of La Mancha”

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I frequently encounter tractor trailer drivers turning toward me at a tight intersection while I am approaching the stop sign. I will stop 30 to 40 feet before the sign giving them room. The truck drivers wave or salute me. If one of the usual idiots I am forced to share the roads with comes up behind me they usually lay on the horn.


Do you give the impatient ones a five finger salute after they honk at you? I do. I raise my hand, making sure to keep all fingers straight up and together, and wave vigorously.


That blinky flashy message is pretty funny. Hats off for posting that.

On a more serious note, some years back I saw a small sign on the back of a trailer which read “If you can read this you’re about to die”.
One had to be almost on the Mansfield Bar to read it.

My brother in law (now retired) used to drive a gasoline tanker in Fort Worth, TX traffic. Some of the things he’s talked about make me wonder why and how he is still alive.

I like it! That would thoroughly confuse the idiots when combined with my “KEEP HONKING, I’M RELOADING!” bumper sticker. Actually the only stickers on my car are on the license plates.

This works only if you own the trailer.