The Federal Highway Administration

… didn’t appreciate the “Jersey humor” displayed on our electronic highway signs, so those messages have been deleted.


They put what is supposed to funny stuff on the safety notice signs here in Oklahoma once a week . Very seldom are they even slightly amusing. I guess some people like them but I just find them annoying.

We know you find the topic of satefy annoying.

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A big river cuts across the north part of my area. Only 2-3 main roads going north/south spaced at about 5 miles. So you have to use these roads to move. And they put in a lighted sign 5 years ago? That never says anything. Hwy dept has extra money I guess. I suppose message would say, congestion on only road for 5 miles. Enjoy. Ain’t no alternatives.

I like those signs, especially the turn signal message.


What is this turn signal message ?

“ Nice car, did it come with a turn signal?”

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All it takes is one humorless bureaucrat to spoil the party.


The article said people were trying to take pictures of the sign messages and they felt it was a practice that could cause an accident . I think they are correct .

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As one of our female gym teachers used to say to a few of her less-pleasant students, “You’re like a turd in the punch bowl”.

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Humorless bureaucrats (likely from flyover country).

I think our troubles with people not knowing the difference between brake and break began with those stupid give ‘‘em a brake signs. These messages are not funny or cute and are distracting. They like to use the full capacity of the electronic signs and often have to wait till the next page for the full message. At 70 plus mph this is very distracting for no reason. Give it a rest and just the facts in shorthand.

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Reminds me of that business show PBS aired once a week in 60s & 70’s. I think it was titled “Wall Street Week w/ Louis Rukeyser” . He was discussing IRS regulations w/ a tax expert , answering listener questions.

Listener: Is such and such deductible?
Tax expert : Your expense can be deducted as long as it wasn’t for fun and enjoyment.
LK : We know the IRS doesn’t want Americans to have any fun and enjoyment! … lol.

Heh heh. For a year I have gotten a letter every 90 days saying she will tell me what else is needed to close out my 2018 return. She was due again in October but has gone dark. Either she gave up trying to find something or she is just at the range qualifying with her new weapon.


Missouri has these signs as well. I wonder if they will go away now.

For example, they say “Focus on the road. Keep your head out of your apps.”

It was nice act, Federal highway Administration should re-continued it

I have no idea what this act you are referring to is .

hey hell with them if they can’t take a joke right and even tho I live in pa and I assume U IN N.J. is it true you can’t pump your own gas there. I heard u can’t im asking because they rushed and got a 16 pump SHEETZ BUILT IN ABOUT 3 MONTHS NO KIDDING PROBLABLY LESS I GUESS FOR THE HOLIDAYS BUT I LIVE RIGHT BY GREEN TOWN IN POCONOS I WENT to Carbondale and there it was the 3 or 4 lil station are all still full service and I appreciate them dying breeds mom n pop pharmacies gas station etc. but reason for long story (WAIT TILL YOU HERE WHAT I DRIVE) PEOPLE just had to see it so bad someone got killed can u believe it well I have 2 vehicles n live in rust belt but 1 lived in Georgia almost all it’s 24 years My neighbors grand father died the kid, was 20 at the time n didn’t know what he had a nerd car he said technically true a grandpa car also true but he knows nothing about cars 101,000 original miles it’s an LX boy I must be tired ,NO AIR SUSPENSIÓN HAS THE4.6 cubic inch that has service record for Carfax 20 years or close maybe 15 alót all I did was put headers 2 hollowed out miscellaneous catalytic converters 1 that sends false data to the ECU to keep it happy honestly it was the 1st year for it and that is all the sensors it monitors I believe it gets it’s fuel air ratio from the mafs, sensor mass air flow, 2 40 series flow masters tail piped out the very back it’s that original silver someday I will get it painted it has hardly any rust on floor frame rails bubbling through paint it isnt obnoxiously loud but says hey im no lil boy either I paid the kid 1,700 all he wanted was 1,000 blue book at time was over 8,000 grand o near perfect shape I had it 4 years now no issues still low miles 110,000 I have a 2003 2.0 litre Rav 4 limited edition it’s the good one well sorry mess so long

the crown Vic lived in Georgia for 24 years I meant

Uh oh someone forgot their meds again.