Protect Drivers From Deer

I applaud the on air radio hosts masterful restraint. :smiley:

And she can vote.

Scary to realize isn’t it?

Yup. I hate those animals. Another guy got killed on a motorcycle not too long ago hitting one of those things. Especially this time of year when the corn is harvested and they start running around. Best thing would be a 12 month unlimited hunting season.

On the freeway one late afternoon, two of them crossed the north bound lanes into the center. Then ran down the ditch for a while, then crossed back over the north bound lanes again back from where they came in the first place. Whatta they need, a map or something? It was just follow the leader.

I think she felt kinda silly the next day and called in again or something so there is some hope.

A friend and her husband who live in rural farm country have totaled three cars with deer hits in the past 30 years. They never buy new cars, only older used cars, because they know it is only a matter of time until the next total the car encounter. Thank God they have never been seriously hurt. But her husband has been allowed to butcher the killed deer for the meat each time even out of hunting season.

I had to give up half way through,
"Why would they put these deer crossings in high traffic areas"
Now really, she thinks the deer read the signs?
Man if you never want to hit a deer be a redneck, hillbilly, cracker or poacher looking for a free meal chances of us getting a free meal for the cost of a fender, windsheild or hood is slim!
Edit missed bumper, but the cost of a 4x4 timber is minimal!

We have schools of fish. Since deer are a higher form of life than fish, maybe we could have schools of deer as well and in these schools teach the deer road crossing safety. Might be easier to teach road crossing safety to the deer than to the average college student. I haven’t seen deer crossing the road not paying any attention because they are texting on their smart phones.

@Triedaq Absolutely. @Barkydog I listened to the end just to see how well the radio hosts could curtail laughter. They struggled to but I certainly applaud their discipline. :smiley:

I don’t know what to say except we’re scraping rock bottom now.

If this person has a drivers license and voter registration card that means they’re eligible for jury duty.
Imagine your life on the line with her as jury foreperson…

I knew there was more to this but just couldn’t remember. The theme evidently started by a letter written by a guy in Crown Point, IN but evidently was in jest. Jay Leno picked it up. Then this call in and there is another call in by Donna talking about how silly she was. But a radio guy in Tampa says she was a fake and used by the station in Fargo before as a fake caller. At any rate its entertaining and I’m sure some people agreed with it.

I used to work in a rural Ohio town out in the middle of a cornfield. Deer strikes were an uncommon occurrence. It happened, but not often.

Before that job, I worked in the suburbs of a medium sized city in the middle of a highly populated county. Deer strikes along the ring-bypass highway were very, very common. Dozens of carcasses along the bypass every day during mating season.

The difference? In the rural area, there were tons of hunters and lots of farms that let them come on property to fill their freezers. In the populated county people loved “Bambi” and recoiled in horror at the thought of a hunter taking deer.

In my town, which varies from suburban to rural (depending on your exact location), the deer problem is really severe this year. Just yesterday, I counted 5 carcasses in a stretch of roadway that was no longer than 3/4 of a mile.

A story in the local paper about a dozen years ago stated there are approximately 5,000 reported deer strikes a year in OK alone. The number of unreported incidents is no doubt multiples of that 5 thousand because in most cases people take their lumps and move on.

I heard that over a year ago. It’s hilarious.

Jeff Foxworthy actually did a joke similar to that.

The deer hunters around here should be happy this year because there are more deer around here than I’ve ever seen before. I’ve just learned to drive slow on the roads out in the country at dawn and dusk. Curious thing…there is a herd of white-tailed deer near my home that are long legged and appear to be a lot larger than the other deer in the area. My neighbor commented on that just a few days ago. I guess I’ll keep an eye on the hunting reports and see if some larger deer are reported this year.

Hitting a deer is one thing…Here in NH we have these things called Moose. Those you DON’T want to hit. Hit one at 30mph or higher…and you’re dead.

One of the state parks here in Indiana was over run with deer and the foilage was being destroyed. The state parks department wanted to have hunters come in and thin out the deer, but the bleeding hearts objected. In desperation, bears were brought into the park to scare off the deer. It didn’t work–the deer overpowered the bears by three touchdowns.

Ba-dump bump! Funny!

I listened to the tape. I’m speechless.
Perhaps the signs should be for the deer and say “Caution: Donna driving”.