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The 2021 Ford Bronco

… appears to have been inspired by the old International Harvester Scout.

Maybe inspired by the 60’s Bronco… It could do all that, too.

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I just happened to see one of those ‘60s Broncos yesterday, open top, looked like a fun truck. Good ones are going for big $$ these days.

They never should’ve stopped making Broncos and Blazers with removable tops. in my opinion. Fun vehicles, seems like there’s a market that the others have let Jeep take for years. The Scout was cool too. It looked a lot like a refrigerator. Very appliance - like. I’m sure the new version Bronco will be much more road friendly and have more amenities than the old ones. Much like the Wrangler. I’ve driven 5 hours straight in a newish Wrangler Unlimited. Wouldn’t have wanted to do that in my old CJ5. Certainly not at today’s highway speeds.

I think any new Ford Bronco should be designed as a utility vehicle as its main function, & have these characteristics

  • 2-doors (the only option)
  • Removable rear seats
  • Short wheelbase (just long enough to haul a few 4 x 8 plywood sheets with rear seats removed)
  • Boxy to semi-boxy appearance
  • 4WD (the only option), either part time using free running hubs, or full time using a true geared center differential.
  • Removable top & doors
  • Manual trans standard, with optional automatic
  • Spare tire either under vehicle or on swing-out holder on back.
  • No ugly wagon train spoked wheels

It is time to order

Nearly two years later lets see how Ford did;

You can get a 2 door, but a 4 door is offered. We’ll give them half-credit for this

They can’t be removed easily, but they do fold. Nevertheless, no points

100 inch wheelbase on the 2 door model; which is shorter than the previous model. Check

It’s quite boxy. Check

It’s a got legit 4WD system. Check

You can get a removable top and doors. Check

You can get a seven speed manual on the Turbo I4 model (six speed + creeper gear) or an automatic. If you want the Turbo V6, then you will have to get the automatic. Call it half a point

It’s on the back tailgate. Check

There are about five different OEM wheels to choose from. Check.

So out of a possible nine points of criteria, Ford got 7 out of 9. That’s not bad as far as automobile design goes vs. the wants of one person.


Or the GMC Jimmy. And early 4runners had a removable top also.