2020 Ford Bronco?


That looks like a winning design to me. Not sure about the wagon train wheels though, but that’s quibbling … lol … The old Bronco from 66-77 was sort of like the VW Beetle, a utilitarian design , all the glass was totally flat, and in most respects changed very little year to year. I wonder if they’re sticking w/the utilitarian theme in the new version?

Yes, the aspect ratio of the tires is a bit off, but the rear and side visibility looks fine, compared to most designs.

I like the retro styling. But then I’m somewhat retro myself. I had a '72 Bronco for years and it was great in its element but its element was somewhat limited. That 2020 model would probably handle freeway speeds.

To me it just looks like a Bronco with Dick Cepek tires.
Sorry, I just don’t see anything special about it.