Introducing the 2021 Bronco

I think they did a nice job with the styling.

First customer on the deposit list… Al Cowlings :joy:

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I would think OJ would be first in line.

It was Al’s Bronco…

Sounded like the website for reservations had lots of issues/traffic but from the forums a bunch are going.4dr. if they’re planning builds like they did with the ranger base trucks will be built later.

Styling - A+.

Hopefully they’ll be more reliable. They were as bad with rust as my wife’s 81 Datsun 510.

Don’t go too far off-road since it’s a unibody based on the Ford Escape.

With that said…I really like it.

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The Bronco is based on the current Ranger. It should be beefy enough for legit off road use
The Bronco Sport is based on the Escape/Focus. It’s a mall-crawler.

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I see that now. Really confusing to have two completely different vehicles with the same name.

I heard on MotorWeek that Ford wants to have a truck line called Bronco with several models, like they are doing with Mustang. IMO, that devalues the model that honors the tradition, it’s their marketing decision, though. What would Lee Iacocca have done?

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