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Is Car Talk available on Tapatalk?

Never heard of tapatalk and don’t want to look it up.

If I were guessing, I’d say its like facebook but in Spain. You do it while topahopping.

If you have Tapatalk (what ever that is) could you not answer that question and if you don’t have it why care?

Tapatalk is supported by Vanilla which is used for this forum. So I’d guess yes.

Your refund is in the mail. Once a question is asked it’s a free for all.

Who, besides, you, cares? Car Talk is doing fine without going through another layer of IT. A service like tapatalk is not needed. So, @skulldrinker, who paid you to write your first post?

No, @skulldrinker - Car Talk is not there. Seems the members here weren’t aware of it, but there’s no need to be so harsh. People here are pretty reasonable if you are reasonable to them.

It’s just a nice format for when I’m using the phone. Also a lot harder to type on the little keypad so it cuts down on useless posts kinda sorta
any way all posts after this one are useless no other comments are really needed. But I know some of you are so lonely that you will reply. I am not a moderator otherwise I would close this thread.

I don’t really have a problem with skulldrinker’s posts

Those pictures were pretty good

I also don’t have a problem that he had a link to his facebook page. He’s not trying to sell a product or service. He was just being a nice guy. And that facebook stuff was all car-related. Lots of pictures of cars being worked on.

Hope he didn’t consider this a “useless” reply :wink:

I’m not saying a word but pictures? Facebook page? I must have missed it.

LOL Keith, you were perhaps thinking of Tapas Talk? (Gee, I remember when my sister made some comment to a family friend about wanting to “go to a Tapas bar” (and friend, unfamiliar with Spanish cuisine, interpreted it as “Topless Bar!”)… the look on her face, priceless!)

Years ago, when I was still living in Germany, I had an acquaintance that was from the country Togo

A few times when we walked past some restaurant, there were signs that said such and such food or drink “togo” because that’s apparently a common expression

The first few times he saw that, he assumed they had food and drinks from his country :wink: