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Just a suggestion

I know this will not last long,but can someone paste a site-for some of these regulars to follow so we can meet and discuss a few things not completely auto related?Thanks(please erase this thread after a day)-Kevin

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I know one that was started by several dozen folks who used to post on the OLD Car Talk site. Some of us have been “together” here or there on the web for over 20 years. Post numbers have waned recently. I think I’m the only one who regularly posts both places. I’ll ask the remaining bunch if it is OK to post a link here. This may be the shot in the arm that BBS needs. It may be evening before I post back. Gotta work sometimes.

I was unaware that a sit had been created for non car related discussions. Can I get a link from you?

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that sounds interesting, the private message route is just not conducive to good conversation

Quoting @thesamemountainbike “I was unaware that a sit had been created for non car related discussions. Can I get a link from you?”

The site is not a part of Car Talk. It was started by some folks who didn’t like the fact that Car Talk had done away with the “All The Rest” category where most of them posted. I posted over there this morning to gauge the interest of inviting some “new blood” into the fold. So far, the answers look good, but I have yet to hear from the site’s administrator who would have to jump through some hoops to get any new folks signed up. I think he should have the deciding vote.

well a bit of research turned up some interesting info, but not the site. LOL
patience is still one of the things i m working on to improve myself. and be a better christian

Forums fall to either side of a line regarding input. They are either closely monitored and restricted or wide open, allowing a rude clique to take control.

There are a great many enjoyable things in life that are spoiled by rude, boorish people. It seems their lives are miserable and misery loves company.

I would enjoy some good non automotive discussions with members here. If a good forum is open please let me know @MG

I like the old method of being able to reply directly to just one post entry. That way we can see where the conversation takes a detour and join in there…or add a relative post at the tail of the regular chain.
The way it is now, someone can comment today on someone elses post yesterday…and it’s hard to tell what they’re refering to without reviewing all 37 previous posts.

i was on the npr site recently and the reply method was just nuts to me.
i was constanly scrolling to keep up with what was said. there were 10 different conversations in each thread.

i like the car talk way much better. its more like a real conversation or debate.
there it was chaos. in one part of the thread people would trade insults , another they would just have a love fest. i love you more. no, i love you more shmoopy!

the reasonable comments seemed to get lost.
when you were having a respectful debate with one or more people, the insulters would jump in.

here, every one is seeing the same thread, and if someone steps over the line everyone sees it and lets them know that they went too far.
its seems conducive to respect.
we certainly disagree, but even on emotional topics we mostly police ourselves, the people let each other know when its time to back off, and if the parties who are getting carried away won t listen everyone steps away, and lets the offenders battle alone.

i m as guilty as anyone.

i think the current set up is the best i ve encountered anywhere on the web.
admittedly i m an internet neophyte but its easy to follow here.

and if you do want to catch up on a thread, you can do so in a logical linear manner and be up to speed if you want to jump in.

I’ll read the rest of this later but do you mean Tess’s site? It was created when one of the major changes in Car Talk took place. I quit when you had to mail in a new application again to be allowed on. I take a look once in a while but it is pretty one-sided I think.

OK, you are all invited to come on over to Le Chat House to take a lurk around. Here is the URL to see what’s there.

You’ll find that it is set up somewhat like a house with a front porch, kitchen, home office, den, garage, hangar (yes, some houses have hangars), potting shed, and the Ya Ya Yard. At one time we had a sports room, but it was removed for lack of interest. It could always be put back. Different subjects are posted in different rooms. Have fun, and if you decide to stick around, welcome.

If you like what you see, here is the URL for the registration procedure.

Yes @Bing, this is the site that was started by Tess and a a few others.
She is no longer the site administrator. Personally I like Tess, but if you had an issue with her, that’s OK. Like it says at the top of the Le Chat House page, A potpourri of minds. Some are roses, others are not. It’s your decision how you feel about someone.

Mail in registration is no longer required.

Thanks@MG.I registered on line,anything else I need to do,what is this mail registering?(I’ll comply with that also-as soon as I find the particulars-Kevin

I was just over there to see Denniz’s comment so I went ahead too and saw Kevin had. I’ll await further instructions.

Like I said I used to be a part of that way back when it first went live, then I guess because of the bots required mail in so never continued. I’m pretty familiar with the personalities though.

It won’t be any fun if you guys don’t come over too.

I m thinkin’…

I tuned in to one thread to check it out, in addition to the one about inviting us, and I wanted to comment right off, so maybe.

the thing is I don t know if I want to get involved with more than one site. this is really the only place I visit for conversation and debate, unless I feel the need to speak out on something important.

I really don t like the way this sight is limited. but I do like other things here. especially the people, and the opportunity to help others sometimes.

but when we are having a really good conversation or debate here and are told to change the subject… its annoying.

from what I read the people seem like friends and seem interesting and smart.
they also seem sad that their site is not as active as it once was.

it also seemed as if they missed this place and would welcome a return to the old rules and return here if that happened.

it seemed very interesting and the conversation and rules there seemed great.

no deletions, no editing, the same basic conversation format, not the reply method.

the gardening section and general discussion definitely appealed to me…

Denniz is no longer requiring mail-in registration. I guess that went away, some time after LCH started in early 2002, when I wasn’t looking.

Welcome Kevin
Welcome back Bing.

I hope some of the rest of you pop on over too.

Here’s a link.

I signed up. Awaiting activation now.

BTW, if the admin is worried about spambots, they should upgrade to phpbb3 if they haven’t already, and then enable spambot countermeasures with a Q&A challenge at registration. It will ask new users questions like “enter the first 4 letters of this code: WWELRSIR,” which are tests that spambots have trouble passing.

On my forum, when we ran phpbb2 we’d get dozens of spam posts per day, including idiots that would register and post highly illegal porn. Once I moved to 3 and instituted the spambot challenge, that’s dropped to maybe 5 per year, and most importantly the porn has dropped to zero.

Well I thought I was waiting for activation or an email or something according to the instructions but maybe not. It did have the challenge window to select the numbers listed so maybe they upgraded years ago.

Now its coming back. Its a little confusing. Register but send an email and not a snail mail but don’t use the email address listed since thats just for bots but use the one that is not seen anywhere? Sounds like Dennis is trying to sort out 1000 emails, some from bots and some from real people and trying to figure out who the real people are. Yeah same name as here and as there ten years ago. I’d just send a letter if there was an address. I guess instructions need to be at an 8th grade level for me.

well I registered, same user name as here

wow, I ve never seen so many lackeys on line at once. web and otherwise…