Hey! Tom and Ray, your "baby" is UGLY now!

Me ‘n many o’ dah other guys think your “baby” (page layout) done bin hit wid a big UGLY stick ! (See them guyes comments at the post “New Format?”



Your boss paid them good money to make it obvious when you are on Car Talk at work.

AND, the webmaster who oversees the posts won’t even let us engage in the same banter that Tom & Ray themselves use on the air thinly disguised as humor. They delete your post and send you a nasty e-mail.

Hear, hear. Micky Mouse attitude. They hate when someone shows them how the site SHOULD be run.

How true for anything they don’t like. Especially when you send them a technical question they can’t answer, either because they don’t know anything about the subject (which, they would never admit) or because they lack the courage to give an opinion or educated guess. The radio show is not for listeners with car problems, either.

The (red) light’s on, but nobody’s home.

I Have noticed other websites with big borders, mostly News type website. I can only guess this new format is for compatibility with hand held portable internet devices. Maybe the web lackys could give a explanation for the big borders.

All “improvements” to the Cartalk forum has resulted in restricting/eliminating “banter.” I date back to the “Rant & Rave” period when posting was allowed without logging in. It was very lively.

STICK??? No, it got hit by the WHOLE TREE…

Time for another Old Wrench bump…