What's going on with your Car Talk store?

I ordered the analogue tire gauge from the Car Talk store. Paid through Pay Pal. Money taken out of my account. Nothing. Nada. from Car Talk What’s going on? I was hoping to get this thing for Christmas. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen now. I’m out 22.95.


I think we’re probably the wrong ones to ask. We just gather around here for coffee. On that same vane though, I broke my Car Talk coffee cup and wanted to order a new one but no, nothing available. I think they probably use a fulfillment center someplace.

This forum isn’t the place to inquire about your order.

Check your email for a receipt. It might have a link or phone number you can use to contact customer service.

Yeh. I know. This was a last desperate attempt. I’m sorry.

@cdaquila, can you direct this to someone who can look into it?

Hi there. I don’t have any involvement with the online store, but will pass this on right away. Sorry to hear of the trouble.