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Has anyone had a personal phone conversation with our esteemed Moderator Carolyn about Car Talk changes ?

I declined to do so because my poor hearing makes phone conversations difficult . Besides I always seem to be on the losing side of issues ( except 1 recently ) . My only request would be to dump that Ask Someone feature.

Yes, I had a phone conversation with both Carolyn and another person a couple of weeks ago.
It was very pleasant.

Email contact only. I’m not special like you guys . :wink:

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Yup, me, too. Good call.

I did not, I feel left out :wink:

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I responded, told my thoughts and suggested I really did not have more to offer to merit a phone call.

I did as well. I suggested eliminating/consolidating subforums. I never visit Driving/Safety/Power/Etc. I also mentioned the sometimes-negative tone of the forum.

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I never got anything either. Oh well.

Yeah I didn’t either, only been around here 20 years or so. Guess I’m on the A list but then I don’t answer my phone unless I see who it is.

You could certainly post any thoughts you have here @FoDaddy One of my suggestions was less red!

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Hi, yes, I did send a bunch of inquiries via PM to people, about a baker’s dozen or so. Bill, my überlackey, had asked for the first five who replied. Some folks only wanted to write, others were game for calls. I had given people the option for calls because it gets more nuance.

@Bing, you were actually one of them. About half I wrote to didn’t reply at all, so I figured folks weren’t interested. This kind of concerns me, because I have to wonder if this means there’s a PM problem.

Basically the point was we are trying to imagine ways to expand the community and the topics we cover, and part of that was to find what you do like about being here. It wasn’t supposed to be secret or elitist, and I’m still willing to talk to anybody.

Happy new year, all.


I also had a very nice chat with Carolyn and Bill . . . it was on zoom, for what it’s worth


Hmmm… interesting…
I wasn’t given that option. Our conversation was conducted via my landline.

Personally, I rather like zoom meetings