T-Signal and then brake/brake lights? Or... Brake/brake lights and then T-Signal?

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Here’s some fresh meat! :laughing:


why does it matter?

If I’m coasting towards an intersection, I would put on the turn signals and then as I get closer, brake.

It all depend on initial speed, distance, and curve radius.

What does one have to do with the other? Maybe I’m braking but not turning. As often as not I’m accelerating as I use the turn signal and not braking. What about turning them on simultaneously?

Not sure what you are asking. But if signaling for a turn, turn signals should be on long before braking. When merging onto an expressway or changing lanes turn signal should be on then accelerate. Basic drivers ed.

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The turn signal is to warn people that you’re going to do something other than what you’d do if you were driving straight ahead. Therefore you put it on before you brake.


I could have gone with the Florida answer: What’s a turn signal?


No fresh meat, bbq frozen leg of lamb, baaa t it was good. One thing I saw in the past, not so much more these days, a car following a left turner would put on left turn signal also, then go forward (never straight). Brake lights and turn signal, sorry I have not consulted the world wide wiver of infowmation, 300 to 500 feet?

In Minnesota the Patrol says the turn signals must be on at least 100 feet before you turn. If you want to have your brakes applied that long, so be it but usually not.

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Absolutely. Let other drivers know what you intend to do well before you begin to do it and you’ll be a great deal safer. Give them time to plan their reactions.

It drives me nuts when I see a driver turn their turn signal on after they’ve already begun their turn. Especially if they started to brake well before the turn, leaving me totally guessing why they applied their brake sand what they might do. There’s enough confusion on the roads already. They’re adding to it.

“Experts” (I use the term loosely) recommend that you put your turn signals on at least 30 yards ahead of the turn. In most cases that’s fine. On highways you’ll want to use more.

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I would have thought the Florida answer would be: That thing you leave on for miles and miles. Around here turn signals are considered “spoiling the surprise”.

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That too…

I also don’t understand what your post is asking…

Speaking of turn signals on for miles, how do you signal another driver that their turn signal is on?? Its not just old people but I’ve seen everyone including truck drivers and school bus drivers leave their signal on. I’ve tried signaling them but nothing seems to work again until they make another lane change. Is there some more effective way that I don’t know about?

The way I do it is try to get in front of them then alternate my signal left right a few times to get the drivers attention it doesnt work to good on car’s but 9 times out of 10 it work’s on truck’s.

Once upon a time Cadillac had a system that would increase the volume of the audible indicator if turn signal was on for an extended length of time.
I would like this to be standard, I too have left a signal on. Fourway flashers should have a very, very loud reminder if car is being driven which, in Florida, it is illegal, but not enforced by LEO.

My 09 Focus will start chiming if you leave the turn signal on too long too, not sure how widespread this is across Fords, though

Yeah my cars chime too if left on too long. In my Riviera I believe the chime came through the speakers. I never paid any attention to it until a rider mentioned it. In customer service training, one of the conditions we talked about to overcome was the “ain’t it awful” discussion. A short step from ain’t it awful to there ought to be a law, then they ought to be in jail-for life. Now I’m trying to remember the last time I saw someone driving for miles with their turn signal on. Certainly not a daily event.

Not on my 06 Mustang or 13 F150. The truck is more annoying in that the turn signals are have a digital switch rather than mechanical…Occasionally when I have canceled the turn signal I find out I haven’t. Otherwise it is a great truck.

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My 2003 Opel Vectra rental had the digital switch with no off position detent. It self cancelled after making a turn but manually cancelling after completing a lane change was an exercise in futility. I ended up having to jerk the steering wheel. I searched for articles when I returned home. Car and Driver commented that it was easy to identify a Vectra from quite a distance while following. Turn signals L,R,L,R,L,R while travelling in a straight line. A cancel button on the end of the lever would have been nice.

Signal then brake to turn or change lane. Wish more ppl did it in that order. Some don’t even bother to signal, just frigging cut in front of you out of no where.