Headlight goes out when turn signal comes on?

I noticed this on a newer SUV during daylight hours. I was approaching the same 4-way stop sign intersection, from the opposite direction. When going straight both of the SUV’s headlights (or possibly daytime running lights) are on. But if SUV driver turns on turn signal, the turn signal starts blinking, and the headlight on that side goes out. The other headlight stays on. One headlight on, the other off. When turn signal stops blinking, both headlights on I found this headlight/turn signal interaction confusing. Just curious, is this normal lighting behavior with newer cars?

Heath I’ve noticed that and drives me nuts. It’s a feature on some models. I don’t understand why but I wonder if it has to do with the turn signal being washed out by the headlightF? I guess I have noticed it most with cars coming off th3 ramp and I’m waiting and can’t really tell if the turn signal is on.

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I have seen that turn signal function . OK , what is the big deal ? I did not even care enough to see what kind of vehicle it was .

It is a DRL thing I think. I don’t see it at night but I have in the daytime. It shuts off the DRL on the signal side.

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I’ve seen that thousands of times by now. I’m surprised that you haven’t.

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It’s harder to see the turn signal if a much larger white light is shining near it.


What George observed is done so that the directional signal is more visible.


What is going on here ? George sees all these dealerships on his walks ( one even offers him coffee ) plus neighbors who own just about every kind of vehicle ever mentioned here . And he has just now noticed the light and turn signal function !

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Right, for years now…

I think it cuts the DRL on that side to help make the turn signal more visible, as well as you will notice the bright light on that side out more than the turn signal… IMHO

EDIT: I posted before seeing jtsanders reply and down… Adds messed me up… lol

I kinda figured this to be the case, but only with the LED headlights/DRLs, not the HID/halogen lights, that I’ve noticed.