Directional Signals

Turn signals were discussed today, but the misuse of them is one of one of my pet peeves.

Why do so many people use their turnsignals:

when they?re already halfway into the next lane,

when their lane ONLY goes left or right,

when they?re 4 intersections before their turn?

Doesn?t make much sense if you think about it.

Turn signals are supposed to be used to show intent of an action you’re about to perform to other motorist. Unfortunately, a lot of people have no clue of the proper use of turn signals if they’re used at all.

Hell! Most people can’t comprehend the word STOP on a sign! And you’re asking them to operate a safety system on their vehicle correctly?


Well, clearly the first priority is concentrating on the cell phone call that the driver is engaged in. Everything else is of secondary importance.

Cell phones – the other driving-related pet peeve of mine.
Using a car as a phone booth ought to be outlawed completely. It’s a real possibility to find legally drunk
drivers driving more safely than drivers who are concentrating more on a phone conversation than the road ahead.

Why do they do this? Because they can.

I tend to use my signals early if I’m on the highway getting ready to turn off, so others know that I’ll be slowing down soon

…therefore, people should only be allowed to drive and talk on the phone while drunk. (-;

Using turn signals prior to changing lanes gives too much warning to other drivers who will use the opportunity to cut you off. Turn signals are also useful as part of a “misinformation” campaign to keep other drivers off-guard, allowing you to cut them off. I used to have a book called the “boston drivers’ handbook” (or something similar) that gave lots of advice on competitive driving, funny stuff.

Why do so many people use their turnsignals:

when their lane ONLY goes left or right,

I’m not sure if it’s what you mean, but anywhere I’ve driven you’re supposed to use turn signals if you’re in a turn-only lane.

Even if it’s not required by law, it’s still a good idea to give other drivers some warning that you’re about to turn. This is especially true if the left turn lane is only in one direction, and oncoming traffic may not realize that there’s a turn lane there and you’re about to cross their path. You still need to yield the right of way to them, but at least they’re alerted.

My pet peeve is morons who don’t start their signal until they’re halfway through the turn!