Suspected electrical Problem

Hi, I have a 1998 Dodge Ram Van B1500(5.2L,V8). The check engine light was on, so the technician replaced the transmmision output sensor because of the following diagnoses—First, code P0545 air conditioning relay circuit and code P0720 transmission output speed sensor were on. after they cleared the codes, the P0720 cambe back on. So they determined that the speed sensor was shorted out. The check engine light no longer comes on after the replacement.

However, since then, the front dome light doesn’t work and it’s not the light bulb. I hope someone could give me an advice on why this is happending and how to fix it.

Thank you!

Are there other interior lights that do work? If so, it pretty much has to be the socket or wiring that’s bad. If this grounds to the body without having a ground wire, check to make sure you’re getting a good ground.

I’m not familiar with Dodge vans, but my previous Chevrolet Uplander and my present Toyota Sienna have a switch to deactive the dome lights. This allows me to clean out the interior and leave the doors open without the dome lights being lit. I wonder if the technician doing the work turned this switch so that the dome light would remain off while he worked on the van. This is the only way I can think of a relation between the speed sensor replacement and the domelights.

If this isn’t the case, check the fuse for the circuit. Also, as suggested, check the ground. Dome lights are usually turned on and off by completing or breaking the path to the ground.