1997 Saturn SW2 dome light problem


When I open the driver or passenger side doors the dome light does not come on. When I open the rear door it does. When I shut the doors, one or all of them the light stays on and I have to turn it to “off”. Back gate works fine. Thought it was the switch on the door frame but now I think it’s something electrical. Any ideas?

Todd Copeland, KY


98,000 miles

4 cldr


I think it’s still the front door frame switch.

Perhaps a loose connection on the back of the switch.

Most just pry out of the hole with a small screwdriver.


Another possibility is a fault in your dome light dash switch.


Thanks for the reply! I am new to Saturns and am not a mechanic of any count and am not sure how to check stuff around the dash. If you have an idea of how to check it that would be appreciated. Also when you say to take out the switch with a screwdriver I take it this this is to look at it. What am I looking for and how do you safely take it out? Sorry for dumb questions buut as I said I am no mechanic!



Some cars have a delay circuit that keeps the light on for a while or turns it off when you start the car. Your vehicle may have this feature also and there may be problem with the delay module. Our van will keep the light on for about a minute after you get in it or turn it off when you crank the engine.