When I replaced my headlight switch, my stereo/interior lights quit working?

I don’t know really anything about the electrical system and am hoping this will be an easy fix. Is is maybe something in the healight switch component? is there a hidden fuse I don’t know about? I accidentally forgot to disconnect the battery when I disconnected the old one…could that have fried something? Any feedback would be great. Thank you!

If you neglected to disconnect the battery it’s a good bet you blew a fuse, or maybe more than one.

There is probably more than one fuse box, but since you didn’t tell us the year, or any other particulars, of your Dodge Ram Van, it’s hard to say.

Dodge has been making Ram Vans for quite a few years, and they are not all the same.

There is usually a fuse box under the dashboard, and another one under the hood.

You probably blew a fuse. Check the fuse box. Many of these American cars combine the constant 12V to the radio with the courtesy (interior) lights. Today’s radios get their main power through the constant 12V source.