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1995 Blazer Electrical Issue

I have an issue where I had to replace both door ajar sensors on my blazer. (the little sensors on the front dashboard that are pressed in when the front doors are closed to tell the car weather or not to turn off the interior dome light)

The sensors seem to work??

My issue is that if I shut all dorrs and take out key as if I was parking it for the night the dome light goes out about 2 minutes later. However It seems if I am in it like if its running and in any gear the dome light STAYS ON CONSTANTLY regardless of the position of the rocker switch on the dash???

What could cause this??


This is probably a silly question, but I’ll get things started. You don’t possibly have a 2 or 3 position switch on the interior dome light (in addition to the dashboard rocker) that somebody switched on?

Nope…I wish I did

Rear hatch/window with a switch that activates that same dome light?

There should be a switch to turn on the dome light change it and see what happens. The gears have nothing to do with the light.

Volvo I never said anything about gears?? Yes I turn that switch and nothing happens.

Common sense, what do u mean? There’s no switch back there I’m aware of

It seems that the dome light is controlled by a module since the light goes out after a couple of minutes after the doors are closed. It sounds like there may be a problem with the module itself. For most vehicles, the door switches usually complete a ground connection to activate the light via the control module.

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