The dome light

I have a 2000 Ford Ranger. The dome light in the cab and the power windows don’t work.

Last night when I pulled the truck in the driveway and got out the dome light didn’t shut off after I closed the door. After following all the instructions in the owner’s manuel and 45 minutes later the light is still on. So in the process of trying to remove the lens from the dome light with a couple of screwdrivers all the sudden the light goes out. This morning the dome light and the power windows don’t work. Now I know it’s likely to be a fuse but why didn’t the dome light go out in the first place??

The door switch may have a problem. It is a pretty common trouble with those years.

I would get a wiring diagram to help with the power window issue.

A bad door switch may have been responsible for the light’s failure to shut off. Now you face a fuse problem. Check the fuse box that’s located under the hood.

I’m guessing you might have shorted out the dome light by accident with the screwdrivers and blown a fuse. As for the dome light not going out, it might be the door switch which is located inside the door latch. Try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner into each door latch while working the door handle. I would do this when the dome light/door chimes acted up on my 98 Windstar. WD-40 could be used instead (I’ve done it) but wiser members of this board recommend against it.

Good luck,

Ed B

Also, someone, on this forum, has advised to check the wires in the wire bundle that goes into the door; especially the section which flexes so much each time you open and close the door. Check the wires for breaks and rubbed bare spots.

I have already found the blown fuse #26 it’s 10A and it controls the light and the power windows and the instrument cluster. They are all not working right now.
Tomorrow I will take care of the fuse and spray some WD40 in both door latches…
thanks for the good advice
Bob B

I would use a silicone spray lubricant instead of WD-40. WD-40 dries and leaves a non-lubricating film.

I’ve done two applications of wd40 so far and still the dome light won’t shut off. I just did the second application and pulled the fuse and closed the doors and will see what happens tomorrow.

Where do I get a diagram that shows that kind of detail? I know Haynes doesn’t…

What the power windows and the dome light have in common is a small computer module called a gem (g.e.m. --generic electronic module), and, two relays. One of these, and/or wiring, could be your culprit.

The factory service manual will give you the details on how the wiring is done. It may be a seperate manual from the rest of the info for the vehicle. I suggest you order one, they are worth their weight in gold to help solve troubles like this. You may be able to find one on Ebay.

wd40 is a cleaner and a waterproofing agent. It’s not a good lubricant.