Supercharger for my celica?

I have a '97 Toyota Celica with a 1.8L 4 cylinder engine. I found an m90 and am wondering if that is too big? If not what else would work?

Have you ever heard of a JATO bottle?

There is more to modifying an engine that just slapping on a turbo or supercharger. You need a well engineered package. There may be complete kits which also come with things like a reprogrammed engine management computer and cooling hoses for the turbo.

Something else you need to worry about is the condition of your car’s drive train. More power means more stress on it and, if it is weak due to age and miles, you may need some expensive rebuilds to successfully handle the extra power.

I suggest you browse the internet for web sites devoted to Toyotas and, especially, Celicas. You should be able to get good advice there about what does and doesn’t work.

Force feeding engines that were not designed for it usually results in very short engine life…

Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go??

A lot of people put blowers on Celicas. This is probably not the best place to find out about it. A Celica board is.

I would go with a 3S-GTE turbo engine from the tubro All-Trac model. The M90 is pretty good sized blower, it was used mainly in engines that displaced 3 liters or better. I don’t think it would be suitable for use in a high-reving 1.8L 4 banger.

I have not

Well I want to add about 50 hp…right now it is weak sauce…about 110

What do you think I could do with a couple hundred bucks? If I could find parts used and stuff…I don’t have enough $$$ to gt new

I’m looking for something a little cheaper than a whole new engine though.

If you cannot afford more than $300-$400 than you cannot afford the after effects of adding random parts. Usually this means you will stress everything else and break things. That includes ruining the motor, turning your car into instant junk.

Without money enjoy your ride as is and save your money for the GT or whatever you desire. Modded cars cost a lot not only to upgrade but also maintain/repair.

I Believe Old School Is Joking With You.

JATO or Jet Assisted Take Off is used by some aircraft, usually airplanes that are so heavy they need a little rocket booster or two to get into the air. Trying these JATO “bottles” in cars would most certainly have disastrous results. You’d have more than a “tiger by the tail” when you touched it off.


What do you think I could do with a couple hundred bucks? If I could find parts used and stuff…I don’t have enough $$$ to gt new

There’s an old saying around here;
“Horsepower costs money, how fast can you afford to go?”

Couple hundred might net you a cold air intake, but would do very little in terms of performance. A computer reprogrammer shouldn’t be too expensive either, and should get you a few more horses out of the engine, but not very much.
With a super/turbo charger you’ll need lower compression pistons, new manifold, new intake and exhaust, and lots of other parts to do it right, not to mention a beefier transmission to handle the added power.
All in all, to do it right, you’re probably looking at $10 grand for engine and transmission work, $15k if you have someone else do the work for you.

You have a supercharger - that’s your first part. Now save for a few more. You might even trade the M90 blower with someone who has a supercharger more suited to your car. Have a little patience, play a few games, and maybe things will work out for you.

OBDII? And you want to put a forced induction system on? You don’t have the money!


Most of the OBDII obstacles came be overcome with ECU tuning. The custom tune I use in my car has a different set of instructions for the ECU to determine what does and doesn’t constitute a reason for the Check Engine light to come on. If I didn’t have the tune, then my Check Engine light would be on constantly.

An M-90 is overkill for a 1.8.
When it comes to engine modifications, very few times will you ever tweak a motor and it’s correct right off the bat. It usually requires some follow-up tweaking, or a lot of tweaking. Tweaking is defined as headaches and money.

Boosting an engine often requires different injectors, ignition timing changes, etc. Maximum performance means cylinder head, exhaust, camshaft work, etc. and this gets pricy quick.

I didn’t say it couldn’t be done. But from what OP is stating, he doesn’t have the money to do it right.


So they call it “tuning”…Sounds like an ECU E-Prom can be programed to NEVER throw a CEL code and in states that simply check the codes and call that an emissions test, emissions failures can be eliminated by simply reprogramming the E-prom to ignore EVERYTHING…EGR low flow?? No problem!

Exactly, they don’t do emissions testing where I live anyway. We do have state inspections, but it’s mostly a formality. The shop that does my inspections, just checks brakes, tires, and steering.

I should add that the OBD II cars have more sophisicated ECUs that have many more adjustable perameters. My car for example will trip the engine light for important things like misfiring. But for emissions related codes it won’t turn the check engine light on.