hi i have a 98 grand prix sedan with just a regular 3800 v6 ,just want to know if i can put a supercharge on it , i have another motor qith the super charge and the computer who come with it ,but can my crank shaft and my cam shalf is strong enough or it,s better to just change the hold engin

Adding a supercharger to an engine that is at least 11 years old is not a good idea. In addition to the age of the engine, I would consider the probability that the supercharged engines came from the factory with different heads, different pistons, a stronger crankshaft and heavier main bearings, as well as some other beefed-up components–possibly including the transmission.

I envision a fair amount of work to add the blower to the engine, followed by having the engine slowly self-destruct each time that you floored the gas and activated the supercharger. I doubt that you would get more than a few hundred miles out of this old engine after you add the blower to it.

You are better off fixing the supercharged engine and putting it and the ECU in your current ride. Unless you can pirate the required parts to make the unblown engine robust enough to handle a supercharger.

thats what i taught ,i’mbetter off putting the engine who already have the supercharge on it and thanks for the information

You will wish you never started this project…

I think you will also need the transaxle and its related electronics from the donor vehicle.

You are probably right!

I’m not sure of the feasibility of this project. You’ll need the wiring harness and sensors for the engine and the transmission. Maybe, you could use the engine with the supercharger and transfer the non-blown parts to the blown engine.