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Switching motors

can i switch out a 1.8L out with a 2.3L from a toyota TC to a toyota celica ST

How much money are you willing to spend?

You can possibly do this engine swap, but it won’t be easy or cheap, and when you’re done the car may not be legal to drive on public roads.

A lot depends on the age of the cars involved, but since you didn’t tell us that we don’t know.

“Tuner” forums might be a better resource for information on engine swaps in FWD riceburners.

What the heck is a Toyota TC?

Do you mean a Scion tC? That’s a 2.4l engine, I think.

It’s a 2.4L 161HP motor. The supercharger, available from Toyota, adds 40HP without reducing gas mileage or negating the warranty (IF it’s dealer installed). Or course, in the case of the OP there’d be no warranty anyway.

If this vehicle will ever need an emissions test, forget it…The engine coded into the cars VIN will not match the engine installed in the car…End of “test”. You fail.

If emissions testing is not an issue, then yes, with enough money, ANYTHING can be done. Will it just "bolt in’?? No way…

If you’re going to go through the expense and re-engineering that comes with doing an engine swap in a modern car, at least make it a worthwhile swap. For a Celca I would go with nothing less than a 3S-GTE. They aren’t hard to find and will be cheaper and more powerful than a 2AZ-FE out of a TC, even if you add a supercharger.

You must really love this car with that kind of $$$$$$$. Why not convert to an EV ? :=)

I’m not questioning you, but how in the heck does a supercharger manage not to reduce gas mileage?

You must really love this car with that kind of $$$$$$$. Why not convert to an EV ? :=)

'Cause EVs are heavy, slow, lack range and run on coal? (Just a guess, mind you.)

Caddyman, I’m not sure where your data about engine swaps come from, but I thought even the PRC allowed such swaps assuming (a) the entire intake/engine/cat/exhaust system was swapped intact and (b) the swapped engine meets or exceeds the emissions requirements of the original car (Generally meaning the engine needs to be as new or newer than the car it goes into.)

I don’t know. But the Scion literature rates the mileage the same. It has no effect on the warranty either as long as it’s dealer installed.

I’m guessing it’s because the driving protocols used for the EPA tests are not varied because of the supercharger, and while the supercherger kit (it includes new injectors and a new chip along with other hardware) provides the opportunity to open it up and roar, using much more fuel, if the driving behaviors remain within the EPA test parameters it has little impact…and perhaps little effect.

When I got the flyers on it I considered doing it. But the cost quoted was $4,000 installed and based on the picture it really clogged up the underhood space. I suspect that maintainence with that thing on there is a nightmare.

Oh yeah? Says who?