Just bought a 1987 Mercedes 190 and opened the sunroof and can not shut it. Does anyone know where the manual ‘crank’ might be?

Assuming that it did not disappear into the same black hole where Owner’s Manuals reside, I would assume that it is in the tool kit supplied by MB.

Look under and near the spare tire for a vinyl wrapped bundle, and if you are really lucky the manual crank will be in there, along with some screwdrivers and possibly some other tools.

Thank you. But where in the car do I find the thingamig to use that tool?

If there is an access panel, the owner’s manual should tell you where it is.

No owner’s manual?

Try They might have a used one.

My '89 manual says: Using a screwdriver, flip down cover in the left side panel of trunk. Insert the socket wrench from tool kit throught the access hole in the panel and place it on the hex-drive of the electric motor. Turn the socket wrench clockwise to slide the roof closed.

You’ll have to pry the plastic cover away from the left side of trunk then find the access panel. I’ve done this before and it worked pretty slick. Then once I moved the roof manually it started working just fine with the electric motor again.