1999 ford Taurus Sunroof motor died in the tilted up position

As you can see above, the sunroof on my 99 ford taurus has a dead motor as of yesterday and it’s going to rain today! It is stuck in the tilted up position, is there anyway to manually close it until it can be repaired? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Check your owner’s manual–on many cars there is a hidden spot to use an allen wrench to close it.

Did you at least check fuses? If one blew, a new fuse won’t fix the underlying problem - but may get it closed until someone can fix it.

Those are the first things I checked(manual, fuses) I really would like to know where the part I can use the allen wrench on, is. I’ve been scouring the web and Taurus info with no luck.

It may be located behind the light/moon roof control assembly, in the headliner.

Just a guess, and I’m not sure how to get yours out.

Missy, Can You Drive To A Neighborhood Auto Body/Collision Repair Shop ? When You Get There Ask About Getting A Free Estimate For Repairs And Explain Your Immediate Problem. You Just Might Get Some Help.


thanks chaissos, I saw that some were located there, I’m going to take a look in a little. @ CSA umm I’m in no hurry to pay $$$ for my >1999< taurus sunroof to be in perfect working order, just closed for now, until it’s a better time to get it repaired at a “neighborhood repairshop” but that is great common sense, in fact why don’t the boys from car talk answer every single call on their show that way…

Missy, I Wasn’t Advising You To Pay To Have It Fixed. I Said To Get A Free Estimate And Some Help/Advice In An Emergency Close.

Besides, we don’t know if it’s a big bucks repair or not, but the estimate could give you an idea. Repairs can wait or never be performed . . . your choice.

Body shops (I managed one, once) usually give free estimates and often help customers much more readily than a mechanical repair / service shop, in my opinion. Also, body shops are generally better/cheaper at body problems/repairs, which is what you’ve got. You asked for help and I tried to help, but obviously you don’t have to use the suggestions I offered.

Good Luck, anyhow,

Very diplomatically put, CSA - in the face of an overly snippy/overly sensitive response from the OP. I knew exactly what you were saying in your first response.

@ cigroller- yeah “did you at least check the fuses” wasn’t snippy/snarky or making assumptions at all LOL. Good luck with yknow uh rolling cigs. CSA it’s cool but your name implies so much passive agressiveness that it’s not helpful. bye now

Holy cow. You are nasty.

Why wouldn’t anyone ask if you had checked the fuses? There wasn’t a thing about it that was “snarky.” (And did it ever occur to you that my initials are C.I.G. ?)

I’m sorry that I tried to help you, and I hope your sunroof stays open and it rains a lot. You will deserve it.

"Very diplomatically put, CSA . . . "
Thanks, Cigroller, I Was Biting My Literary Tongue As I Wrote.


Closed the discussion. Missy, there was no need to be snarky toward the knowledgeable fellows who tried to help you with your question. Next time, you’ll catch more flies with honey. (CSA and cigroller, be assured I don’t think you’re insects.) Best of luck with your problem.