1987 Audi 5000 Sunroof

How do I manually open the sunroof on a 1987 Audi 5000?

Isn’t there an Owner’s Manual with this info?
Honda spells this type procedure in the Owner’s Manual for my Civic. A special “S” shaped allen wrench is also involved apparently.

If you do not have the manual, you might want to try this question at a VW/Audi specialized Forum (vwvortex comes to mind). Perhaps other owners of the same car might be able to help.

My husband has a manual but it only tells how to close it. I suppose if I want to spend $160 (or an iffy ebay purchase for $50) I could buy the actual repair manual published by Robert Bentley, but of course I was looking for a cheaper solution. Sorry for my cheapness, but we are retired with limited resources.

I will take your suggestion and look at vwvortex, thanks for your suggestion!

Leave it closed unless you want a free car interior wash everytime it rains.

The mechanism has likely seized after 23 years with spotty maintenance(lubrication to slides and lack of usage since broken).

I agree with Andrew, you’re asking for trouble trying to open this, seeing that it already has problems and is quite old. If it starts to leak you’ll have a terrible time trying to fix it.

So I made the mistake of opening mine and it stuck open. Does somebody know the procedure to manually close it?