Sunroof on a 190e l985 mercedes

i have a 1985 190e mercedes it’s old and creeky, anyway it says in the repair book for this make and model that if the sunroof doesn’t respond the normal way, i am supposed to be able to open and trunk and on the left side turn a bolt and be able to crank it open and closed it by hand. i have tried with no luck. got any ideas?

I have seen cars with a manual crank option near the electric sunroof controls on the roof. My old BMW has that. There is a longtime MB owner who frequents this board who can probably answer that.

I suggest also posting this question on where there are a lot of fellow owners/experts. I have found good MB answers there.

I have a 1989 Mercedes with a power sunroof. The manual says that if the power feature fails the sunroof can be opened manually as you describe. I have located the mechanism in the trunk and the place on it to turn. You say “no luck” but what does that mean? Have you found the mechanism? Does the bolt refuse to turn?

Also, try and describe exactly what is (or is not happening) when you try to close it.