94 camry sunroof issue

Hello everyone, how do you manually close the sunroof on a 94 toyota camry?? I know some cars you can use a hex wrench to close the sunroof but I dont know if this option is available on my car. My sunroof is open and the motor is dead. Any help would be appreciated along with the repair steps I would need to take. Thank you. I have also attached a picture of the motor.

I’m thinking that the drive gear (likely a worm gear) will come out with the motor and the entire mechanism can be driven with a “common” (flat bladed) screwdriver in the slot in the primary driven gear’s shaft.

Remove the motor and try the slot. If I’m right, a variable speed drill with a flat-bladed screwdriver blade on it should do the trick.

I take it you’ve checked for voltage at the motor’s plug? If not, try that first. The problem might be no voltage getting to the motor (a fuse, bad switch, or relay).

Here’s how to manually close the sunroof.

  1. Remove the control switch cover.

  2. Remove the large screw inside.


  1. With a flat bladed screwdriver bit chucked into a reversible drill, manually close the sunroof.


Does it sound like the motor is trying to move the glass? It was not uncommon for the cables to break that move the glass.