Subaru Outback replacement key doesn’t work

I have a 2006 Subaru Outback that I bought with only one key and I lost the key. A locksmith came and made me a new key for 150$ but it doesn’t start the car because of an anti theft thing the Subaru has on it. What can I do?

It’s possible the locksmith used the wrong key blank. There’s a TSB about this: In addition, each key has to be registered with the immobilizer system. A Subaru dealer can probably do this.

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Got a replacement key from a locksmith, different car brand. He saw a bud getting a key at the dealer complaining it did not work. It will be $60 to make it work as it needs to be programmed, he told him to stop by the lock shop and he would do it for free. He programmed the new key he made for me, simple process, but you may need the key programmed.

if locksmith promised you a working ignition key, they need to make this right, or you need to not pay them. Many pro locksmiths can program keys (which is why it costs $150 to get a key cut and programmed.)

Beyond that, are you positive it is the Anti-theft system keeping the car from starting? Check battery cables for clean and tightness? Try starting in neutral? Check the battery to make sure it is ok?