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2002 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport

someone has taken one of the metal door and ignition keys to my car. I have talked to a Subaru dealer who said that the only thing to do is re key the entire car which would cost around $503.00. I still have one other key along with the remote key. Has anyone else had an experience such as this and if so how did you go about rectifying the situation as far as knowing that you and only you had the ability to enter the car again without your knowledge? The charachter(s?) who took my key have already gotten into it once.

If other people have possession of your car key, and if they have already gained entry to the car, it would seem that the only solution is to re-key the door locks and–possibly–the ignition lock. Yes, it is expensive, but do you really want to go through the hassle of theft of personal items from the car, and–perhaps–theft of the car itself?

I agree with VDCdriver. If someone has a key your only option is to change the locks, just like you would if someone had a key to your house.

Either that or trade your Impreza for another car.

Call a good Lock Smith and check there price.

See if your insurance provider will cover any of the cost of rekeying the car. Hey, it’s worth a call.