Subaru Outback Key sticks in ignition occasionally

intermittent problem: put car in park and key will turn to off position but not “lock” and therefore cannot be removed. Subaru specialist could not replicate problem, Theories include need a new factory cut key, dirty console, cylinder/steering column tumbler, solenoid, switch , but we think it is some connection between the shifting into Park.

Speedometer was replaced about 2 years ago–possibly jumbled something ??

any ideas before we spend a ton of money on the theories?

If it won’t come out, leave it in…Cost is zero…

LOL, caddyman. However, cost is great when it’s stolen!! Dealer should have checked closer to all this, wether it does it or not. I had this happen and it was bad tumblers, not saying that’s what this is.

hope you can figure it out without going broke. :slight_smile: