Subaru or OTC break pads

I have a 2005 Subaru Outback and need to replace the rear break pads. Any difference between the factory ones or the OTC (Bendix)ones? Thanks@

Hard to say, Bendix is certainly a reliable brand. However, if you’ve been happy with the performance of the factory pads, I’d pay the extra for them to minimize the chance of issues, typically squeaking, with non-factory pads.

There’s a reason the OE pads have lasted so long already.
With aftermarket you get to pick from a choice of three or four different kinds.
Which one of those replicates OE ?
A secret recipe OE does not divulge. ( the physical composition of the pad material )

It’s your gamble…uh, choice.

Clue ; never buy the 9.99 specials. ( there’s a reason they’re 9.99 )

Loved the Subaru pads on our 1999 Legacy. Hated the pads on our '03. Changed out to Carquest top of the line and they are doing well. I would expect equivalent performance out of Bendix or Raybestos.

When purchasing aftermarket brake pads, ask that they meet or exceed the OEM’s specifications, and you’ll have no problems.


The pads you buy from a Subaru dealer are also OTC. Subaru farms this out just like every other car maker.
Any name brand pad should be fine and there’s a strong chance that the XXX brand pads you buy from a local parts house may be manufactured by the same company who produces them for Subaru of America.

The same goes for electrics, clutch parts, and a plethora of other items.