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'08 RAV4 brake pads

'08 RAV4 V6 Sport

Front pads have 1mm, rear pads have 2mm. Dealer quoted $300 to replace pads and resurface rotors. Same dealer, but different SA quoted $435 a month ago for the same thing. Brakes squeal when backing out of garage and then squeal goes away.

Someone told me to go with Posi Quiet brake pads instead of dealer pads since they have mechanically built in shims. Does anyone have good experience with them?

I just don’t know why my dealer who I’ve gone to for years has a price difference for the same type of job. Not only have I lost my trust in them, but if Posi Quiets are better I could have a local reputable Toyota shop install them for me.


When done properly the Toyota pads will not squeal. $200 is about average for factory pads and machining rotors I am guessing the $400 estimate included new rotors.

@SteveC76. I was quoted $300. You said $200 is average? Have you heard of Posi Quiets or should I stay away from them?


Being a professional mechanic, and having owned several Toyotas, I can advise you to stick with genuine Toyota brake pads

I’ve had poor luck with aftermarket brake pads . . . in terms of noise . . . even when machining/replacing the rotors. That goes for all car brands and brake brands. It’s been my experience, for what it’s worth

@db4690. I’ve owned 2 late model Toyota’s. They both had the squeal issue from the factory at 50k before the pads were ever even changed out. With that said I’ve heard great things about these Posi Quiet pads that have mechanically built in shims. Local Toyota/Honda shop swears by them.

I am in the L.A. area so your area may be slightly higher-priced. I have no experience with the posi quiet pads, but I am a tech for Toyota, the factory pads will not squeal when done properly. Make sure the shop uses the on-car brake lathe and all the shims are in good condition. With the pads being at 1mm your squeal may be the wear indicators.


I have to agree with Steve on this

The Toyota pads do use shims, but they’re not “built-in.” I’ve noticed problems when guys do not use the shims, or don’t use anti-squeal paste, if it’s called for

It seems . . . to me, anyways . . . you’ve already made up your mind that you won’t be using genuine Toyota brake pads?

Having owned several Toyotas, as have my various family members for decades, I can say that we’ve never had any noise complaints when using genuine Toyota brake pads. Not so with the aftermarket brake pads.

I buy most of my parts from this site.

Personally, I prefer and have had excellent results with ceramic pads. They wear better and seem to handle getting soaked better.

Re: the discs, I use only new replacements. Most discs today don’t have enough meat to “turn” the surfaces, and the cost really isn’t any different. There are, however, various quality discs. Some of the cheap Chinese discs seem to be carbon-impoverished steel. They don’t handle heat well. Carbon helps distribute heat evenly for even dissipation, reducing the chance of warpage. It also makes the steel harder. You can even buy “high carbon” discs for a bit more cash. Not to be confused with the carbon-ceramic or carbon-carbon discs used in racing, which cost extraordinary amounts of money but can be heated to glowing without damage.

If you’re uncertain and you haven’t had problems with your originals, it’s best to go with OEM parts.

A shop installing customer provided parts is on a slippery slope. OP, I might pose this question.

If a shop (any shop) installs pads that you provide and they squeal, chirp, or shudder immediately after the job is done or at some point in time later on are you going to be upset if the shop tells you that you’re on your own and your warranty was up the minute the car left the shop?

That 300 dollar quote sounds fair for pads and machining. As to the discrepancy in pricing I tend to think there’s something in the estimate that varies; machining vs replacement of the rotors or whatever else it may be.

The shop has their own parts. I would not be supplying them. Here is how they price things out.

" If able to machine rotors about $229.95 with discount $207.00 +tax, If rotors have to be replaced o.e.m. $419.99 +tax $378.00+tax with discount. Aftermarket pads and rotors $349.95 + tax, with discount $315.00 +tax"

I might as well have the pads and rotors changed out with them.

@hcord13 you have a good plan there. I always replace the rotors instead of having them machined. Frankly…I don’t know why shops even bother with machining. The rotors of old (thick and sturdy) have been gone for at least 20 years.

@missileman‌ I agree plus the vehicle is 6 years old so it’s best to replace it all. Peace of mind is priceless.

My 09 Camry uses ceramic pads. I switched to Akebono pads. I bought and installed new rotors at the same time, because I had brake shudder.

I have used the Centric Posi-Quiet pads on my Toyota and the Centric rotors too and both have been good and quiet. Autozone sells a Gold C-Max pad and a Duralast Gold rotor that also work very nicely. The Gold C-Max pad has a very nice built in shim and has been very quiet so far.

Only gullible people think they’re getting a “discount.” The real price is what you pay; the “discount” is smoke and mirrors.

Understood, but at 50k original factory pads shouldn’t squeal either.

Understood, but at 50k original factory pads shouldn't squeal either.

Actually I’m surprised it didn’t start squealing sooner than they did. 50k is immaterial by the way, there is no set mileage for brake wear. Depending on vehicle and driving the brakes can be worn out even much quicker than 50k.

Not if there’s a mechanical built in shims like the Posi Quiets

Not if there’s a mechanical built in shims like the Posi Quiets

Not if there’s a mechanical built in shims like the Posi Quiets