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Subaru Outback 2013 rear brake pads replacement

In a few minutes I’ll be helping my son install new rear brake pads on his Subie. Car has 70,000 miles. Dealer rotated tires and told him front pads were “Yellow” and rear pads were “red” as a wear/replacentment advisory.

No noise, no metal-to-metal, all is okay, just wear.

He bought some pads (and rotors in case) and is headed this way.

Any tips/hacks? I do GM brakes and I’m not familiar with Subaru “clips” ?

How about torque specs for fasteners and wheel lugs ? Know where I can get them?

Thanks, Guys!

I can’t help you with the torque specs for the fasteners, but the wheel lug info can be found in–where else?–the Owner’s Manual. IIRC, it is 89 lb. ft., but I suggest that you use the manual to double-check my recollection.

Thanks! The car is here, now. We took a look and wouldn’t you know that the dealer’s definition of “red alert” is different from what my son is thinking. He’s deciding whether to replace the pads at this time.

Pads are wearing evenly, rotors are smooth, not grooving, etcetera.

I found out that Subaru “clips” that I saw referenced online are just like GM’s stainless rail cover “clips.” No surprise there.

If the car uses the rear brake pads as the parking brake, you’ll need a tool to properly retract the caliper pistons

Other than that, there should be nothing unusual about this

This model uses small brake shoes inside the “hat” for the parking brake.

I’m not surprised, actually. When Subaru did their “clean sheet” redesign of the Outback as of the 2010 model year, the brakes became much…beefier.

At my last service (71k miles) the original front pads still had 6mm of material remaining, and the rears still had 5 mm remaining. At the rate that they are wearing, I doubt that I will have to do rear pad replacement before 80k miles, and I think that the fronts will probably go to at least 85k miles.

Thanks, it doesn’t, but I’m familiar with that from one or two of my Pontiacs, I believe. I bought the weird little (six-sided) tool for them.

I checked my owner’s manual and the only reference I could find says “tighten the nuts to the specified torque”, with no mention of what the specified torque is.

(15 forester)

I have to admit that it took a bit of searching in the Owner’s Manual to find the correct wheel lug torque for my Outback–but it was there. IIRC, there were three separate parts of the manual that dealt with tires and/or tire changing. Unless your manual is drastically different from the one for my '11 Outback, I suspect that the info is there…somewhere.

After I finally located the info, I wrote it on the inside of the manual’s back cover, and highlighted it for future reference.

Caliper bolts…20 ft/lbs

Brake hose bracket bolts…24 ft/lbs

Lug nuts…Doesn’t matter. You’re just going to slather them with anti-seize. So whatever you set torque wrench to, it’s not the proper torque.


Assuming you mean 20 ft-bs and 24 ft-lbs.

Sorry to be so picky…

Very nice brake design and function (with dual piston front calipers). There wasn’t even very much rust on anything, considering we live in salt country. Impressive:slight_smile:

He had so much pad left that he decided to “let it ride” and will check on the brakes again later on down the road. We buttoned it up for now.

Correct! 89 ft. lbs. The torque spec was easy to find in the Owner’s Manual Index. It actually listed wheel lug torque and a page reference. Very easy to find!
Impressive! Thanks.

Sounds like my major oil leak the dealer detected which surprisingly doesn’t leak any oil. They said I needed new front pads before that too and when I changed them, they didn’t look all that bad. Nothing like self-healing cars.

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So are you going to do the pads and rotors anyway? Just a matter of time,

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“Caliper bolts…20 ft/lbs”

I got your spec too late. Those babies weren’t very tight from the factory, so we put them back, to probably around 20 ft. lbs.

“Brake hose bracket bolts…24 ft/lbs”

Thanks, didn’t touch them.

“Lug nuts…Doesn’t matter. You’re just going to slather them with anti-seize. So whatever you set torque wrench to, it’s not the proper torque.”

Ha, ha, ha :smile: Actually, it’s my son’s car, not mine. Nobody has put anything on the lugs (They made that nice “creaaak!” when we loosened them) and I explained to my son that they are supposed to be dry. So we torqued them to the specified 89 ft. lbs! He can screw up his own car if he wants to. :wink:

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