Subaru brakes

I have been told by a mechanic that my Subaru outback requires actual Subaru brake pads or I will experience all sorts of problems. These pads are about 100 dollars more than the cost of standard pads. I am a poor student and don’t want to spend money I don’t need to, but I want to take care of my car and do the right thing. Please help!

Find another mechanic. There are lots of brake pads for Subarus. You don’t “have” to use the Subaru pads. I’ve had Subaru pads installed on my Subaru, and I’ve had aftermarket pads installed. I’ve never noticed any difference other than the price.

I don’t like to buy brake pads on price alone, however, and I suggest you always use a good quality brake pad.

We have owned two Subarus. The first one got all Subaru parts, because the price difference between the Subaru supplier and aftermarket suppliers was minimal, so I went all-Subaru.

Our O3 just got its pads changed, about 10K miles ago, and aftermarket were used. Have had no problems at all.

The OEM brake pads may be better quality and last a little longer than non-OEM pads but you can choose to use either one. Some folks have had noise problems with the brakes.

When doing a brake job with aftermarket parts most of the time all is OK. Sometimes the aftermarket pads don’t fix exactly and rattle, or the material they are made of can be noisey. Mechanics don’t want to redo these jobs when the customers come in and complain about these issues. Therefore using “Subaru” brand parts should mean no funny noises for you and no return trips to the mechanic to redo the work. Your mechanic probably had some bad results with aftermarket parts and believes in his recommendation. You are free to disagree and take your business elsewhere.

Find a different mechanic who uses good aftermarket brake parts and you will get a better price and brakes that work fine.

Aftermarket pads will work just as well as Subaru OEM pads and who’s to say that your car won’t get a set of inexpensive aftermarket pads and you will be billed for higher priced ones? How would you really know?

For what it’s worth as an ex-Subaru dealer tech, when it comes to noise issues I trust the aftermarket pads just as much as I do the Subaru pads and longevity will also be equal.
After all, it’s not like Subaru actually makes their own pads. They farm that job out just like a thousand others and it could be that the Subaru pads are made by the same company that produces the aftermarket ones.
Sub-contracting is common for all car makers; not just Subaru.

I am sorely disappointed with the replacement Subaru factory pads that are nearly out in 22k miles. My wife a consistent driver has not changed her habits and her first set lasted 40k+. The only difference is the rotors were machined the with the replacement Subaru pads that are basically worn out currently in 22k miles.

That being said I am done with the dealer doing brakes(overpriced) but offset with credit card kick back coupons. I will stick with my independent who uses quality parts(hopefully).