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Brake pad replacement on non-stock brake pads

So I pulled the brake pads off my car and went to put on the new pads and they
were completely different. I bought the car used from a dealer. Is it possible
they put different brake calipers on? If so, how do I figure out what brake pads I

2017 mitsubishi outlander GT

I’m no expert, but I don’t think it’s common to replace brake calipers with a completely different model/type. I wouldn’t expect calipers to go bad on a 2017 car.

Are you 100% sure you bought the right brake pads?

Where did you buy these pads ? Can you take an old pad to the parts store for comparison ?

So, I got the brake pads from autozone and verified they were for the right vehicle. Then when I took the old ones off, I saw that they were completely different. So, I took the old ones down to autozone and tried to see if they match any different years or trims but with no luck. I then looked on o’reilly’s website and they look just like the wrong ones I got at autozone. I also don’t think it’s common to replace entire brake calipers since you’d mess up the brake system and would have a heck of a time bleeding the system. But I did see one website where there was a recall for something that had to do with the brakes. I just have no idea how to match them to the right part.

post a photograph showing both pads.

Confirm that the 10th digit in VIN is H.

Bendix has an app for that in the playstore, supposedly just take a picture.

I’ll post photos and the VIN when I get home. I’ll try that bendix app too. That would be nice.

Check the VIN, but no need to post it on this thread.

It’s not terribly uncommon to upgrade brake calipers in sportier vehicles, but an Outlander? One wonders why anyone would bother.

I wonder if they gave you rear pads instead of fronts (or vice versa).


Went to RockAuto and they do not show an Outlander GT, only an Outlander with either a 2.4 or 3.0 engine and the Outlander Sport with a 2.0 or 2.4 engine. It appears thay all use the same brake pad though.

Edit: found out the Outlander with the 3.0 is the GT, but it takes the same brakes. Look at the Rock Auto web site and see if the pictures of the brake pads matches either what you bought or what is on there now. If you click on the “INFO” link, you will get exact dimensions to compare with.

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Does the brake caliper have a brand label on it? Brembo? Wilwood? Stoptech?

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Thank you for your replies. I had a chance to take the caliper off last night and took some pictures. I tried the app thing, but it didn’t work at all. I’m gonna be scouring the internet trying to find a match. Let me know if any of you think of anything. The tenth digit in the VIN is an H. I’m not sure why that’s helpful but it’s confirmed.

This is the brake pad I took off the car
These are the brake pads that they claim are supposed to be on there.

Here’s a couple pictures of the caliper. I guess the brand is ADVICS?

This verifies that you are ordering the parts for the model year of your vehicle.

The angle makes it a little difficult but they look pretty similar to me. Are you concerned that the new pads have two grooves in the pad material while your old one only had one? Did the new ones not fit? Why - were they too big? Small?


No, I know the grooves don’t matter and even the dimensions are fairly similar. But if you compare the two, you’ll see the “wings” or “tabs” are different. On the ones I took off they’re close to the top, on the new ones they’re closer to the bottom of the pad. They just don’t fit in the slots.

Not to mention that the metal clip to keep it in place is in a completely different location and protrudes far more than the clip on the old brake pad.

I think the solution is to buy brake pads from the Mitsubishi dealer. There has been a change that the aftermarket has not caught. The aftermarket likely carried over the 2016 pad assuming 2017 didn’t change.

Go buy pads from the dealer. I will bet they fit perfectly.


I was about to do that. I was just gonna have the dealer put them on, but they were going to charge me $200 for it and that was too big of a pill to swallow. I asked for the part number of brake pads they would have put on and they just told me to go to o’reilly and they wrote down the same part number as the picture that I posted.

Well, then THEY would have the same problem you do now, right?

Dealers have parts departments that sell parts that you can carry out the door. You don’t have to have the dealer install them. They directed you to O’Reilly’s to save you a few dollars, I’d guess.