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Brake Parts Ratings

Hello all, I have to replace my pads and rotors on my 2001 V4 Camry and I was wondering if anyone knows of a website that ranks or has reviews of Brake parts companies? Specifically, Raybestos. I want to make sure I am buy a good product without paying the price at a national (local) Auto Parts store. Thanks

Wagner and Raybestos premium pads are high quality parts. But all the better quality chain store house brands are very good at a considerably lower price.

The BEST brake parts are purchased over the Dealers parts counter…They fit right and they work right…Usually worth the added cost…

Car manufacturers don’t make their own brake components. They purchase them from a vendor. Such as Bendix, Raybestos or Wagner. When purchasing brake components from a parts store, ask that the parts meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturers specifications.


Go Brembo or go home :slight_smile:

I’ve had good luck with NAPA brake parts on 4 different cars, but I get the best grade they sell. When I had my Saturn, the OE rotors sold at the dealer parts counter STUNK! The NAPA ones were slightly less than half the price and did not warp like the OEM ones did. Make sure your wheel nuts are torqued properly, too.

The most significant quality advantage of OE brakes seems to be their lack of squeal and with some makes the inclusion of various pieces of hardware which are often needed to do the job correctly. I have never noticed any significant improvement in braking ability or longevity between OE of any make and the better quality after market pads. In fact, one after market suppliers generic branded product was equal to or surpassed everything that GM, Ford, Mazda and Mopar offered. I do recall that Toyota pads were consistently a near perfect fit out of the box and offered all the pieces to get it right that are sometimes hard to find in the after market but haven’t done one in many months. Just an observation. Pads with high carbon content seem to offer the best in quiet, even braking, even under hard driving conditions.

Domestic brand cars are not so fussy about brake parts…But with many foreign makes, the OEM parts are far superior to generic parts store stuff…

Wagner ThermoQuiet or Wagner Edge pads are a good quality pad, usually free of noise and very little brake dust.

Yes Master, I Agree. I Use The Wagner ThermoQuiet Pads For The Reasons You Give.

If I’m not mistaken (memory is good, just real short :wink: ), higher quality pads, such as these, often come with basic hardware (if required) that is not included with cheaper pads and helps shrink the difference in cost. Check it out.


Never ever had a problem with Wagner brakes on any vehicle (domestic or foreign). They last as long or longer then OEM…NEVER EVER squeaked.

I’ve always used OEM, from dealers. I’m sure you’ve read my brakes theory, and really, since normally brakes can last up to 100K, what’s the point of trying to save a couple bucks for a part that won’t substantially outperform nor outlast them, and in fact may be worse?

If you’re building for racing or high performance, that’s a different issue.

“I’m sure you’ve read my brakes theory, and really, since normally brakes can last up to 100K, what’s the point of trying to save a couple bucks for a part that won’t substantially outperform nor outlast them, and in fact may be worse?”

Usually because it’s NOT a few bucks…First time I did the brakes on my 98 Pathfinder I had a hard time finding them. The dealers pads were OVER $100…I finally ordered Wagner on-line for $30…that’s close to a 400% price difference. They lasted as long as the OEM pads I just replaced and were as good or better.

Sorry Mike…I’ve never seen anything that disparate. But you’ve got more time in under the hood than I have. I give.

I’d love to know how to get brakes to last 100K, especially front brakes.

I Get At Least 100k Out Of Front Brakes. It Mostly Has A Lot To Do With Rural Driving And A Little To Do With Driving Technique And A Vehicle With Well Designed Brakes.


It depends on the vehicle and it’s weight…Second is type of driving and how your drive.

Always been able to get 90k+ miles on my wifes Accords…NEVER been able to get more then 60k miles from my SUV’s.

Also highway driving is much better on brakes then city driving (obviously).

And do you brake HARD…Or coast a little before stopping. Those hard stops will KILL brakes in very short order.

chaissos - Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE OEM pads…for one reason…THEY WORK. But some manufacturers prices are way out of line with GOOD aftermarket. I just think that there are GOOD aftermarket companies out there for less money…

I’m good…no problem, I understood where you stood :slight_smile: I’ve just (personally) never experienced that serious of a difference ($10 was my worst, and over a year or many that’s negligible). Had I come across that, my response likely would have been different.

Have fun, anyway. I’m trying to. :slight_smile:

For normal (not race / hi po.) use / price:
Rotors: Zimmerman - never had a bad one (I check them all out of the box). Had bad Wagner, Hudson, Brembo etc. BTW the Brembo products made in Spain and Portugal seem especially prone to problems. Unless you are paying for their top of the line (racing spec.) stuff the Brembo name means squat.

Pads: Whatever has a lifetime replacement. I like only paying for pads once. I gladly install them for others, properly bedded and broken in I have not had problems, USA, Asians, Euro, I’ve put Autozone or others lifetime pads on them all w/o issues. For at the limit towing or severe use I won’t use them only because I find them prone to fade a bit earlier than some of the “better” pads (Mintex etc.).