Stuck in park

Help! I have a 98 chevy truck and shortly after the mechanic put brakes on my truck, when I start it you cannot get it out of park. In fact sometimes when I can’t get it out of park when I shut it off I have touble removing the key from the ignition. I’ve found that when I want to start it I turn the key one notch put the truck in neutral and continue starting. At this point all works correct. Any suggestions?

Well that’s all confusing since you say you can’t get it out of park except then you say you can put it in neutral so I’m not actually sure what your issue is.

If you’re having trouble getting the truck out of park, check your brake light switch - its down there at the brake pedal. If its messed up it will mess with your shift interlock. If the switch has no trouble check the interlock mechanism.

If you’re having trouble where sometimes the truck won’t start unless its in neutral then you probably need a new neutral safety switch.