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Truck won't go into park

1996 GMC sonoma, 150k, automatic. Parked it today and it wouldn’t go into park. First thought was that the cable had stretched but notice that the shift lever wasn’t going all the way to the park position. Feels like something is blocking it. Tried it running as well as not running. Of course I can’t get my keys out or turn the ignition all the way off so I had to unhook my battery. Any thoughts?

Check for debris underneath

could the brake switch cause this?

No the brake switch voltage is needed to transition out of Park.

I would disconnect the shift cable (block wheels while you are underneath)… See if you can shift the transmission manual lever into the Park position – feel for the detent. If the lever is blocked and there is nothing restricting its motion externally, the problem is inside the transmission.

If the transmission can go into Park, then you are looking at a problem with the shift linkage or the cable.

Hope this helps.

thank you researcher…I will try that this afternoon.

I would bet on the shift linkage.

Spot on guys. I disconnected the linkage and manually shifted the lever into park. Thing was though, after I did that the linkage hooked back up and worked. I guess it was just in a bind or something. Never saw anything restricting it. Thanks for the help!

Would anyone mind sharing a picture? I’m dealing with the same thing but not sure what I’m looking for.