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Stuck in Park (not the leafy kind)

My 1998 Chevy K1500 will not shift out of Park into gear. My mechanic replaced both sensors (telling the transmission that the brake is on) at the bottom and top of the steering column. I have to ‘fool’ it by turning the key one notch, shift to Neutral, then start. Once out of Park, shifting is completely normal. What gives?

Do you use the PARKING BRAKE consistently?

I use the parking brake fairly frequently. Is there a sensor connected to the parking brake? Are there three total? Two have been replaced: the neutral safety switch and an actuator.

BTW, the key switch now seems to be acting up. I have to jiggle it sometimes to get a connection and the engine has flat stopped at low speeds in a parking lot–lights on the dash disappear, etc. Related issues?


Yes, the problem could be with the ignition switch. The power for the sensors and the shift release comes through the ignition switch. So, poor contacts in the ignition switch…