1997 Geo tracker/Gear Shift Problems

Sometimes my gear shift will not come out of park. I have to get out and shake the car or hit the brakes really hard in order to get it out of park. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I need to check.

It this usually a problem when you have parked on a hill?

A simple fix may be to use the parking brake. Stop the car set the parking brake then shift into park When starting the car do the reverse. Start the car, hold down the foot brake, place car in neutral then release the parking brake. See if that helps.

Keep in mind that the "ParkP position of an automatic transmission is not a brake and should not be counted on to hold your car.

Ok I will try that. I dont park on a hill I park in my driveway which is somewhat level. I was told by a friend to try and park backwards. But this also happens when I go to the shopping mall or grocery store not just at home. I will give your suggestion a try and see if that helps. i was also told to check my tail lights for what that is worth. Thanks

I had a 94 Tracker. It had the same problem. You have a solenoid that when you depress your brake pedal will disengage and allow your shifter to move out of park. I beleive this is your problem. If you have a repair manuel it will show how to adjust or replace this solenoid.

If I remember correctly there is an access hole on the driver side of the center console that allows you to access this solenoid so you can manually release this solenoid. You will need to remove a small access cover.