Strut Mount?

I have a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic Z71. I’m currently at 50k miles, but ever since 30,000 miles I have had a clunk noise when making sharp turns, left and right, turns going up or down hill (such as entering a gas station), and leaving drive ways. I have had the intermediate steering shaft replaced twice (under recall) by GM. No solution as to what it might be. I was reading forums online and maybe a strut mount. I have checked CV joints, Ball Joints, and engine mounts.

If you have a sway bar check to see if the sway bar links are worn.

I’m assuming 4WD, since you mentioned CV joints. How about the suspension arm bushings? This truck doesn’t have struts. It has upper and lower control arms, springs, and shocks. Are you running stock rims and tires, or larger aftermarket rims and tires?

we checked the sway bar links too, they were fine. Suspension bushings does make sense considering the noise. I was running stock rims and tires until about 35k. Stock was 275/65 R17. I stepped up to a 285/55 R18 and had my tire guy raise my torsion bars to level it out. But the clunk is not due to the tire/rim change, i dont think. Thanks for your comments.