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2000 Silverado making front end noise

My 2k silverado has 160k on it. Ever since I’ve bought it, it’s had a hard time turning left. Will catch sometimes, especially when cold. Most recently there has been a clucking towards my feet and with the window down it sounds like a dry ball joint. It is happening more frequently. Tonight I’m replacing the steering gear box because of the turning left issue and a mechanic friend though that it would fix the other issue too but I’m uncertain. It’s not the steering clunk that is usually associated with these trucks because I don’t feel it in t he steering wheel. It will happen on hard stops, fast take offs and on some turning.

Any ideas?

Before replacing the steering box, check for worn ball joints.

To do this, place a floor jack under the lower control arm of the ball joint you want to check. Jack it up until the tire is 4"-5" off the floor. Take a 4’-5’ long pry bar or 2 X 4 and place one end under the tire. While someone watches the ball joint, pry up on the tire and release repeatedly. If the ball joint is worn, it will be seen moving up and down in it’s socket.


I’ll do that. I do know the steering box is going bad though due to the turning left thing. It will build up so much pressure it blows off the return line into the PS pump and I can see the play on shaft that the pittman arm rides on. I’ll let you know the results.


Ok so steering box fixed one problem tonight. It’s much tighter and you could see where the other one was leaking after taking it off. I replaced the pitman arm as well. The clucking metal on metal sound is still there. I did the 2x4 trick and didn’t see the ball joint flexing but as I was turning the steering wheel left to right every time I turn right I get the cluck. With my wife using the wheel I placed my hand all over the steering parts and the noise is indeed coming from the upper ball joint. My buddy has a press. Are these hard to change out?