Strut mount noise?

I unbolted both outer tierods to check the play of inner tie rods. They feel tIght. The strut mount on 1 side grinds when I rotate strut. Easy to feel it with tierod disconnected. The other strut has a little growl so both are noisy. 1 sway bar link is loose which I think is most of my noise/rattle. Should I just live with strut mount noise? Don’t feel like replacing both mounts as strut needs to be torn down.

I got rid of strutmount noise in my 1998 Olds Intrigue by continually soaking the top of the mount from undrr the hood with Liquid wrench with Teflon. Hardly an approved repair, I’m sure.

i was trying to find source of rattle. Tie rod? Sway bar link? Maybe ball Joint? I swear grinding is from top of strut. Could a bad ball joint ever make a grinding sound when they start to fail?
i was surprised the sway bar links unbolted without shearing off due to mn rust. the links are plastic so i figure they are oem and

The noise is probably from worn upper strut bearings.


Strut mounts take a lot of abuse yet are over-looked when replacing struts. Might be time to just replace both. Generally from my experience a worn ball joint will clunk. It’s just a ball in a socket so I suppose if it was dry, it could grind but I doubt it.

Remove strut from knuckle. Take strut apart. Replace $20 strut mount. Hmm. I did find a new ready strut on CL for $30. 40 mile drive though. Last yr a guy had 2 for $60 but they were in Winona and I am in mpls

A $30 strut?? If you are in Minneapolis, just go get some quality struts from Red Rooster and say hi to Ron for me. You’d go to all that work plus alignment to save a few dollars on the part?

the readystrut is new according to CL seller.
you can buy a pair on the internet delivered for 100
a strut is 40, a spring is 40, a mount is 20
or buy 2 assembled and delivered for $100?