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Chev PU front end noise

2006 Chev 1500, 2 WD, 4 door, silverado, has bad noise from front end on a slightly rough road.I replaced shocks, not problem,sounds like maybe in steering column.Sounds like metal to metal beating aganist each other. I need some help.

Do you notice a thumping knocking type noise when making slow hard left or right turns?

If so, re-grease the intermediate steering shaft or replace it. Greasing has been proven to be temporary.

Had the same problem on my '02 Silverado 4WD.Bought the truck w/53K on it and noticed the noise turning right or left into a driveway or similar.Took it to Chevy and they replaced the Intermediate Drive Shaft which is behind the firewall.The service mgr told me that he has had no one bring back a truck that had it done. I paid 250 + tax.I had it done 6 wks ago. Hope this helps!

I have not noticed any noise while turning, but will look and listen a little closer. Thanks for the info.

I guess I will look a little closer. Might be intermediate shaft. Thanks

Check your sway bar end links too.

did not find a problem with sway bar.
Thanks for the info

My 2000 Blazer had a horrible rattle that sounded like the dash was going to fall out. Check the hood hinges, shove a piece of cardboard into the hinge bracket to see if it helps. GM has conical washers for the hinge bolts that work nicely.

Ed B.

I had the same issue with my 2006 avalanche. Dealer changed out both tie rods twice. No fix. When I went to my local mechanic, I told him symptoms. Before he drove truck it turned out to be the intermediate steering shaft.